Knowing About Knives

foreclosuredefensepro tactical knivesIt is almost a tradition that people carry a knife for whenever the occasion arises that you may need one. However, not so many people really know about knives and so they carry just any one so if you want to learn what knife you should perhaps be carrying, you should go to The Blade Guru website. This is a website devoted to the different types of knives, out the front knives (OTF), pocket knives, everyday carry (EDC) knives or almost any other type of knife you may ever need or want.
OTF Knife – OTF is a term which is used for knives where the blades shoot straight out of the handle instead of the more traditional folding out blade. Sometimes these are also referred to sliding blade knives but basically they are the same thing, the blade moves out parallel to the handle. These are not as popular as traditional pocket knives but some people do still prefer them.
Pocket Knife – Basically this term applies to any type of knife that can be carried in the pocket which means that the blade is covered by the handle so as not to do damage whilst in your pocket. Many people find it useful to carry some kind of knife with them at all times as you never know when having one easily available may be of use.
EDC Knife – This is another name for a pocket knife but this one is perhaps more appropriate for end of the world scenarios which many people today seem to be obsessed with. This can probablybe used in more occasions than regular pocket knives and so many people feel more prepared for anything if they carry one of these where ever they may go.
Although any of these may be appropriate to have handy in an urban environment but of course if you are planning a trip into the countryside, perhaps to a wooded area, you would probably carry a larger more appropriate knife, perhaps a survival knife of some kind.
Even in a kitchen there are different knives for different purposes and so no one knife is appropriate or at least not ideal for every situation you may find yourself in however, having some kind of pocket knife can often help you out of a jam and so it is perhaps personal preference which will allow you to decide which of these knives you choose to carry. They are obviously designed to be carried on a daily basis and be all but un-noticeable to the untrained eye and that is part of the reason for their popularity, allowing you to be prepared for almost anything without appearing to necessarily be so. Most of these EDC or pocket knives are similar in size and easy to produce the blade from their handle, making them ideal for perhaps peeling fruit, opening a package or one of the many other minor tasks you may be faced with on any one day either in or outside your workplace.

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