Tools for Clinching

foreclosuredefensepro clinching toolsClinching is a process which has been developed to join two or more sheets of metal together without the use of welding, rivets or screws. There are now tools which are available to use for clinching in most situations and these tools are mainly made by Jurado Tools who hold the patent on clinching. These tools have been designed for use in many different circumstances and locations. There are larger clinching tools that can undertake large tasks but cannot be moved easily and then there are clinching tools which have been specifically designed to be mobile and versatile. There are even clinching tools which have been designed for use in areas which would have previously been considered un-accessible for working processes. Although clinching is a relatively new process, tools have already been developed for most of the situations where the process can be used but as the manufacturer has joined with an Italian University to try and find further uses for the process, other tools may be developed later. A clinching tool is in many ways comparable to pliers as it applies pressure to the sheets of metal that are to be joined, via a die or punch. For joining two sheets of metal together a round ended die is used but a die with a trapezoidal point is used when joining more than two sheets together. Although designed to only join two metal sheets together, it has been found that clinching can also be used to join a metal to a polymer. This is a process which has been welcomed by many industries as it can make great savings in the areas of health and safety and has been especially welcomed by the oil and gas industries as the joins are impervious to weather or chemicals, something that has caused the gas and oil industry many concerns in the past. Although the auto industry has already welcomed the process, the aerospace industry is carrying out further tests before they adopt the process for use in their industry. The medical industries are also carrying out test but in their case they are already using the process but are carrying out tests to find more uses for the process within their industries.
Clinching has therefore become a popular process throughout the engineering and manufacturing world but Jurado remain the main manufacturer of clinching tools as, as well as holding the patent for the process, they also hold the patents for many of the tools they have developed to perform the process. The safety aspects of the process compared to welding are obvious as it does not use heat or fire and so there is no chance of burns and it takes less quality assurance checks than riveting would. This is a process which is here to stay and may be used even more widely as different uses for the process are realized and come into service, in the meantime though the auto industry and the manufacturers of kitchen appliances are also starting to use the process.

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