House Painters

foreclosuredefensepro house paintingIf you are a home owner that also thinks they are a house painter, you may be surprised to hear the number of people that have also thought that only to find out that their house painting left a lot to be desired. The truth is that professional house painters like Brisbane painters and others throughout the country are far better at painting a house than any home owner and they will complete the job faster and sometimes even cheaper than a DIY painter will. It may not come as any surprise that a professional will complete the task faster than you but to learn that they may even be able to do it cheaper probably will.

Of course if you paint the house with no mistakes being made then you will have succeeded in completing the job cheaper than a professional but all too often mistakes are made and sometimes those mistakes, as well as taking time to rectify, can also be expensive. The first common mistake made is one which is made even before the painting starts and that is in the choice of colour for the paint. All too many people will decide on a colour based on how it looks on a strip of card in the paint shop.

The colour on a card though often looks completely different from what it does on a wall. What you should do, before buying the paint in bulk, is to ask for a small tin to be mixed and then try that on your wall to see how it looks. If you don’t do this you could either end up with a house whose colour you do not like or you will have to pay for a second amount of paint.

If you hired a professional, they would advise you as to what colour to use and maybe even use a sample on the wall before committing you to that colour. The next problem that many DIY painters encounter is that the paint blisters. When the paint blisters it is often necessary to repaint not just one layer but several. Paint will usually blister due to a next coat being applied before the previous coat has dried fully and a DIY painter, in their haste, will often fall victim to this whereas a professional painter is experienced enough not to.

If a DIY painter has a pet, the chances are that unless that pet is secured away from where the painting is taking place, they will find a way to mess up the job to varying degrees. A professional on the other hand will always ensure you secure your pat before they start. Rollers are another problem many DIY painters have problems with. They may let the roller touch the carpet in which case the paint goes onto the wall streaky and has to be repainted or they allow the roller to leave paint on the ceiling when painting the walls. Professionals know how to avoid both of these things.


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